Property Services

Design & Construction

Kalkan Homes specialises in a complete design and construction service.  Should you not be able to source a property on the existing market that fits all your specific requirements we have options to consider in order to create your own ‘ideal home in the sun’.

We can assist in land sourcing, architectural consultation and design, full construction, interior design and furnishings, working with an accomplished and proficient workforce who will take on board all your preferences and requirements while managing the project from its initial stages through to full completion.

The result………your own individual dream home.


At its simplest, the term ‘renovation’ means renewal. It is distinct from restoration as it involves the changing of an object and making it new using different materials and techniques from how it was made originally.

In the context of property, it involves taking an existing structure and renewing aspects of its layout, decoration or style.  At one end of the scale, it can mean redecoration. At the other, taking a ruin or derelict shell and creating a beautiful home from next to nothing. 

What’s the attraction?

For some people, the idea of creating a space that is uniquely their own is a big incentive. The growth in knowledge about design and planning issues, coupled with the development of materials and processes, has led to a rise in confidence and self-belief that means projects like this are not as daunting as they once were.

Kalkan Homes has been involved in a number of renovation projects and has the knowledge and experience, working in line with qualified architects, structural engineers, designers and builders, to ensure the renovation is completed, to the highest standard, according to the client’s requirements and budget.


Kalkan Homes offers a full maintenance and management service for your property in Kalkan
ensuring peace of mind throughout the year. With our attention to detail, excellent customer
contact and our 365 day availability, we guarantee that your property is in the right hands. We can
provide testimonials on request.

Our services can include all or a selection of the following, and would be dependent on whether you
are planning to commercially rent, visit regularly for holidays or live in the property permanently.

  • Villa and Apartment Maintenance
  • Daily pool hygiene and cleaning checks (summer months)
  • Daily garden water (summer months)
  • Cleaning and laundry organisation
  • Welcome Packs
  • Assistance with utility bill, insurance and tax payments
  • Year round security checks
  • Year round airing of property
  • Bad weather checks
  • Quoting and arrangement of villa repairs, home improvements and renovations
  • 24/7 emergency call out service
  • Arrangement of airport transfers and car hire
  • Advertising of property for rental purposes on Kalkan Homes

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